Byway Route Description

The Northeast Kingdom Byway consists of a main byway corridor that includes the communities of St Johnsbury, Lyndonville, East and West Burke, Westmore, Charleston, Derby and Newport at this time.  To enhance the visitors experience we have also created a collection of side trips/itineraries for travelers who may wish to explore more extensively.  These side trips are meant to enhance the visitors experience should they wish to explore them.  The side trips, while presented in this document for your consideration, are not a part of the Northeast Kingdom Scenic Byway but are, rather, an amenity resource for travelers. The total length of the Northeast Kingdom Scenic Byway corridor is approximately 51 miles.

The Northeast Kingdom Byway – Main Corridor

The Northeast Kingdom Byway Main Corridor is a 51 mile journey that begins in the community of St Johnsbury and extends north through the communities of Lyndonville, East Burke, West Burke, Westmore, West Charleston, Derby and concludes in Newport.

The Route starts in Caledonia County with the vibrant Arts & Culture scene of St. Johnsbury and a Main Street lined with Victorian Homes.  Every New Year’s Eve the streets of St. Johnsbury are lit up for First Night festivities including music and dance shows, magic shows, and much more all culminating to a midnight burst of fireworks.  In April, the town celebrates a Vermont tradition with the St. Johnsbury World Maple Festival featuring lots of maple products, a pancake breakfast, craft fair and more.

Heading north on the route are a vast array of recreational opportunities including world class mountain biking trails, downhill & cross country skiing, glacial lakes, and hiking trails where a stunning vista stretching all the way into Canada awards climbers.  Along the way are many working farms, artist studios, historic sites, museums, and covered bridges dating back to 1867.