Pine Crest Motel and Cabins

1288 Barton-Orleans Road
Barton, VT 05822

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As of April 1st, 2017 the Pine Crest Motel & Cabins is under new management. Terri Ann Merchant manages the property with her retired Marine husband. Their son and daughter-in-law also live on the property andare expecting their first baby girl in November.

The Pine Crest Motel and Cabins is centrally located in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  We are dedicated to providing our guests the personal service one would expect from a small inn and the rustic feel of a cabin here amidst the gorgeous Green Mountains.  Our cabins sit by the Barton River as it runs through our property and offers a quiet place to relax as well as a great home base for those who wish to take advantage of the endless outdoor activities available to our visitors year round.

The spring offers some of the best Trout fishing in the northeast, right here in the Barton River as it runs through our property.  Summer brings the perfect conditions for hiking, boating, biking, climbing, relaxing by the pool, or one of the many beaches belonging to the long list of lakes and ponds only minutes away.  Autumn in the Northeast Kingdom is world famous for it’s awe inspiring beauty of the foliage season, this time of year also brings a greater likely hood of maybe catching a glimpse of that elusive moose.  Last, but certainly not least, is the wondrous winter season here in northern Vermont. It gets a little chilly up here, but with it comes the snow that provides for some of the most invigorating activities all year, and also creates the winter wonderland of childhood dreams.

No matter the time of year our guests have no end to the different ways they can interact with Mother Nature, even if it is just sitting by the fire toasting marshmallows. Here at the Pine Crest, we welcome any and all that wish to share in one of the last places in New England where you can still just get lost in the woods.  Let us be your cabin in Vermont!

Inntopia: Please note, Pine Crest Motel & Cabins no longer uses Inntopia. We only use SupperINN.

Pet Policy: $7.00 per dog per night for the first dog, and another $4.00 for any additional dogs after that. 

Firewood: Firewood is provided. There is no extra cost to guests. 

Outdoor Activities: Please note, we no longer schedule outdoor activities for our guests outside of the Pine Crest. 

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