Sanderson's Wooden Bowls

2902 Vermont Route 114
East Burke, VT 05832

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Please visit our web site = to see our selection of bowls. The Northeast Kingdom is forested with a large variety of hardwoods which we use to make our wood bowls and other products. All the wood bowls, wooden pens and other wood pieces are made at the Sanderson home and studio located in East Burke, just 2 1/2 miles north of the Village. We welcome visitors to our studio and feel free to say hello to our friendly donkeys and rabbits while you're here.

A few years ago we started with a small wood lathe that we picked up at a yard sale. It has been an interesting experience. We are completely self taught. We have improved our equipment and have reached a point where our brochures are in over 40 locations in the Northeast Kingdom and we have customers from many states. We take some of the wood that would be discarded or sawed into firewood and turn it into some pretty nice pieces.

It is interesting to take a burl or other piece of wood and start to work it. When we start with a top quality log, we can usually make whatever we choose. When we start sawing or turning a piece of wood from an old rough looking tree that has stood on a fence line for over a hundred years that is when it gets interesting. The wood starts to take shape and shows us what it would like to become. We only use wood that is native to our area. Each bowl we make is one of a kind, hand turned from a single chunk of wood. Each bowl is air dried for several months to allow the bowl to move naturally as it dries. After the bowl has dried we turn it to it's final shape and finish it. We sign and date all our bowls. We figure that this wood has already lived one lifetime in the tree. If we make a good bowl from that tree it should stick around for quite a while longer. It is nice to think that our bowls will be passed down from one generation to another. Years from now someone can look at the bottom of one of our bowls and know that it came from Vermont, who made it, when it was made and the kind of wood it was made from.

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