Jay Peak - The Long Trail

The 270 mile Long Trail is America's oldest long-distance hiking path which stretches along the spine of the Green Mountains, the full length of Vermont from the Massachusetts state line to the Canadian Border. The trailhead and parking area for this section along Jay Peak is located on Vermont Route 242 at the height of land in Jay Pass. From here, the Long Trail climbs north to the open summit of Jay Peak (elev. 3858') and beyond to the Canadian border. Follow the Long Trail north past a spur trail to Jay Camp, an overnight shelter for thru-hikers, and continue upwards through the changing forest to a ski trail intersection. Crossing the snowmaking pipeline and proceeding directly opposite the intersection, the Long Trail briefly re-enters the now stunted forest and soon climbs onto the open and rocky summit of Jay Peak. NOTE: During inclement weather, the summit of Jay Peak can be dangerous due to its open exposure. To avoid the open summit, follow the ski trail to the left and circle around to the Tramway Station below the summit rock. SUMMARY: Jay Pass/ Vt Rte 242 to Jay Peak summit, approx. 1.6mi., 1 1/4 hour. (Rev. 3/4 hr.).