Chandler Pond Farm

528 Burroughs Rd.
South Wheelock, VT 05851

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Chandler Pond Farm is a family farm operated by Rob and Tamara Martin using organic practices. The Martins are committed to small scale sustainable production of a wide diversity of vegetable, dairy and meat products.

Call ahead to visit our 600 scenic acres of fields and forests with 50 acres of pond and wetlands, located in Vermont's beautiful Northeast Kingdom.

Chandler Pond Farm is offering the new sustainable model of a small-scale sustainable production of a wide diversity of vegetables, dairy, and meat products through:

  • Improving soil quality with managed intensive grazing
  • Poultry following cows in the pasture
  • Pigs rotating through vegetable plots
  • Nitrogen fixing cover crops used for winter bedding- become compost for spring planting
  • and the direct sale of our products to the local community

It is an exciting time to be in the business of producing organic, sustainably raised products for local markets. A new small, diverse, and locally based agriculture movement is gaining strength. This is especially true in Vermont. Chandler Pond Farm joins the forefront of this movement, helping to lead the way in changing the face of agriculture in the next decades.

Also, community involvement is an important part of the farm's mission. We envision Chandler Pond Farm as a gathering place. As a start we are offering farm-specific playgroups for younger children, a harvest festival, and are adding ski and walking trails. As our sugaring operation gets underway we will be open to visitors for tasting, oxen pull sleigh rides and help. Our hope is to offer a connection for people of all ages to their food supply and the land in general.

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