Maple Sugar Houses

Maple Sugaring season in the Northeast Kingdom typically lasts from four to six weeks, sometimes starting as early as late February and continuing into April. Conditions must be ideal: warm, sunny days with temperatures rising above 40 degrees F (5 degrees C) followed by freezing temperatures at night. Maple sugaring is a part of our heritage -- Vermont's Northeast Kingdom is home to the world's largest maple sugar candy producer as well as many smaller family-operated sugarhouses. Many sugarhouses are open year long to visitors.

Maple Open House Weekend, annually scheduled in late March, is a great way to learn more about Maple Sugaring. Visit the many Northeast Kingdom sugarhouses participating in this event to get a first-hand view (and maybe even taste!) of how authenic Vermont maple syrup is made.

The Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association is also a wonderful resource for those who want to learn more about Maple Sugaring.

Of course, you canít go home without some souveniers and one of those gifts must include a Maple Syrup product. Youíll find plenty of those at†Coutureís Maple Shop in Westfield or Chandler Pond Farm in South Wheelock. If itís sugaring season (late March), you can even tour our sugarhouses.

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