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The remoteness and stunning landscape of the Northeast Kingdom makes for an inspirational setting for many folks with creative spirits & artistic talents. Many Artists, Writers, and Craftspeople live and work along our winding dirt roads, nestled among our mountains and woods, often working out of barns, old farmhouses, or just out in the great wide open. Our agricultural heritage is a great source of pride as well and out of this pride come a number of specialty products steeped in tradition including Vermont Maple Syrup and fiber from sheep, alpaca, and other thoughtfully raised farm animals.

You can do your part in supporting the region and the traditions we hold dear by purchasing products from our local Artists, Writers, Craftspeople, Farmers, and others at our new Online Country Store. The reward - receiving a unique, hand-made in the Northeast Kingdom, treasure being delivered right to your front door!

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100% Jacob Sheep Wool Roving

Two 3 ounce balls of 100% Jacob wool roving in a two-way swirl. [view details]

Cotswold/Border Leicester wool (washed)

8 ounces of washed Cotswold wool. Available in white or natural colored (shades of gray). [view details]

Creamy White 4 ounces of mohair/lambswool roving

4 ounces of Kid Mohair/Coopworth Lambswool roving. [view details]

Hand dyed Llama fleece

8 ounces of hand dyed llama fleece [view details]

Wooly Christmas ornament set

Two beautiful handmade wooly ornaments. [view details]