Vermont Made Products

The Northeast Kingdom makes good use of our abundant natural resources and working farmlands. Specialty foods produced in this region include prize-winning cheeses, a wide variety of farm-raised meats and poultry, savory relishes and mustards, maple syrup, sweet sauces, and sassy dressings. Farm stands and farmers markets provide an abundance of fresh produces. Look for them along roadsides and in town centers during the summer and fall seasons or at select indoor locations in the winter. Pick-it-yourself farms, offering the fresh delights of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, corn, pumpkins, and more can also be found throughout the region.

You can also find many of local offerings to include hand-crafted goods and specialty foods, at one of the many country stores found throughout the region. Our country stores have traditionally supplied local residents with much more than the mere physical necessities of life. It is in these buildings, many over a century old, that neighbors and old friends meet to catch up on events, transact business and solve the world's problems. No shopping trip in the Kingdom is complete without a visiting a country market where you can be sure of finding just that thing you were looking for - or that item you never knew you needed!

Throughout the region, you will find specialty stores, craft shops, antique dealers and art galleries catering to a wide variety of interests.  The entire Kingdom is studded with shops and cottage industries run by artisans, second-hand dealers, farmers and craftspeople who take pride in making things the old-fashioned way.



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